Pride in Prog 2023: The High Taste Pride Spotify Playlist

A few years ago we put out an article showcasing a handful of LGBT+ artists in the prog scene across the world. It’s been one of our most successful articles, and as the editor of the site I’ve been wanting to bring back a second showcase of LGBT+ artists from across the scene with a broader spectrum of music.

One Discord server, Images & Words: The Prog Discord (also tied in with /r/progmetal over on Reddit)Β  which most of our writers frequent, have combined their efforts through a series of user submissions to collate the ultimate Pride in Prog playlist for June 2023.

Featuring artists such as Elton John, Alustrium, Liturgy, The Callous Daoboys, Flummox, Janelle MonΓ‘e and more, there are plenty of prog-adjacent artists in this playlist too that any regular prog enjoyer will surely take to like butter to bread.

The playlist is available below on Spotify, and whilst this isn’t as in-depth as our previous article from 2021 with mini interviews from a handful of curated artists in the prog scene, I hope that you as readers and listeners will find some fresh music in your ears to conclude pride month 2023.

If you’re interested in joining the Images and Words discord, I’d personally highly recommend it! Full of fellow music enthusiasts, you’ll be sure to expand your musical horizons across all genres, not just prog.

Here’s our previous article from 2021 – just in case you missed it.

Pride in Prog: An LGBT+ Artist Showcase

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