Radar Festival Interviews: Shattered Skies

Part of an ongoing interview series with artists playing Radar Festival 2023 (28th-30th July),  we’ve put together a short list of questions for a handful of artists to provide some insight into bands you might not be yet familiar with. With Sleep TokenIgorr, and Periphery headlining, you can buy a ticket, and find more information about the festival on their website https://radarfestival.co.uk/

This interview was conducted with Ian Rockett, multi-instrumentalist for Shattered Skies

Firstly, how are you doing?

Great thanks, looking forward to our final show and our first show since the pandemic which is quite surreal!

How far are you travelling to get to the festival?

The South of England, so a couple of hundred miles!

What one song should we listen to before coming along to the show?

I’ll go with 1 newer song and one classic: Born of Solder for newer stuff, The End and the Rebirth for classic

What can we expect from your live show, are you bringing something special to Radar this year?

Well, we’re bringing our final ever show so I think that’s pretty special! We’re on first on Friday and playing for 30 mins so it’ll be a relentless, packed show of songs across the entire decade of our discography.

What merch are you going to have on offer?

No merch I’m afraid, we’re done as a band so we don’t have merch to promote!

Recommend three other bands that our readers should check out on the Radar Festival lineup

I would say Volumes, Loathe and my fellow Irishmen God is an Astronaut!

What band would you like to see on Radar’s lineup in 2024?


Thanks to Shattered Skies! We can’t wait to catch them live at Radar Festival this year. Are you going?

Listen to their latest release: https://open.spotify.com/album/1KVux96syxD2POAKTYehH5

Instagram: https://instagram.com/shatteredskiesofficial/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/shatteredskiesofficial

Radar Festival: https://radarfestival.co.uk/

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